Supporting the wellbeing of young people

Community fundraising to support local youths.

Mural project held at Werri Beach Progress Hall organised by
Kiama Council’s SENTRAL Youth Services with mural artist Sam Hall

Supporting our cause is one of the best things you can do

When you support Makuta, you’re not just giving hope. You’re supporting the wellbeing of others and helping to reduce the disproportionately high rate of youth suicide currently being faced within our community.

Community Events

Community driven events provide a significant contribution to our fund raising efforts. We’ve been amazed by the incredible support we have received so far!

Chase the Blues Away

A night of Live Music for Local Youth Suicide Prevention

Kiama Leagues Club – Saturday 27th February 2021

All proceeds from the night are generously going to Makuta.

Push ups with a purpose

During the month of October, One Fitness 24/7 is hosting Push Ups With A Purpose, a 21 day challenge in support of Makuta. Team up, have fun and help support our cause.

Yellow Week @ Miss Zoe’s

Miss Zoe’s School of Dance, Kiama held a ‘Yellow Week’ raising funds to support our cause.

From Monday 14th to Saturday 19th September 2020 students at the dance school dressed in yellow, making a gold coin donation these wonderful dancers raised $340. 

Our Projects

The success of community-led volunteer projects is enhanced when the money being raised is going straight back into the same community. This motivation achieves outcomes that benefit the whole community and a collective recognition of the value of giving, volunteering, supporting, helping, sharing and caring.

Community Masks

It’s what’s behind the mask that matters…

The Makuta Community Mask Project is our inception project. Thanks to the talent, skills and resources in our passionate local community, we produced some 2000 double-layer Covid19 masks in 4 weeks. Every mask was produced using donated fabric and some 50 volunteers to trace, cut, sew and deliver masks.

100% of the proceeds from these masks is spent directly in our local community.

These masks are available in both adult and child sizes and can be purchased at the local Kiama Farmers Market each Wednesday afternoon.

Corporate Masks

Masks with purpose…

The Makuta Corporate Mask Project. Due to demand, we also sell Triple-Layer Masks (sold in packs of 10). These are slightly larger in size that the Community-made masks with a metal insert to sit over the nose bridge and longer elastic to ensure they fit all size faces. By purchasing these masks for your staff or your customers, you are supporting a local community and protecting your employees and customers at the same time. (Sold in packs of 10)

100% of the proceeds from these masks is spent directly in our local community.

These masks are available in adult sizes and can be purchased online via the link below. (Sold in packs of 10)

Exciting New Project

We have an exciting new project launching soon. If you would like to be notified when details of this project are released, please sign up to our newsletter.


With your help, our current goal is to raise $50,000

When we reach this target we will be able to release the much needed funds into our community.
Here is our current plan on how the money raised so far will be spent:

Projects we have funded or that are on our “funding review” list

All projects we fund require unanimous approval by our Advisory Board. More projects will be considered as applications are received or funding considerations are presented to the Makuta Advisory Board. 

ProjectFunding amount $$
Project #1 – Operation Blue Card
The first project we have funded is Operation Blue Card .
Makuta has pledged to fund production of these Blue Cards for 12 months.
More information about this card can be found here: 
Project #2 – Stymie
We are in the process of setting up a Zoom demonstration session with multiple schools in the Kiama LGA to encourage them to implement this online reporting system into their school’s online portals.  We will fund 3 schools for $1800 each for 12 months = $5,400.  Stymie will match our contribution 1:1, so they will fund an additional 3 schools. We will consider additional funding applications for this project depending on funds available.
Project # 3 – Mental Health First Aid Training at Kiama High
Kiama High has asked us to fund a training program for a new teacher taking on the role of Mental Health First Aid. This teacher will then train other teachers and students. The program has been run at Kiama High for some time. However the person who was trained in this has left the school. The amount requested by KHS is $8600. This funding is currently under review with our Advisory Board. 
Current total amount for consideration$16,000

Our Supporters