Supporting the wellbeing of young people

PCYCs weekly Fit4Life Program in Kiama. CY

Supporting our cause is one of the best things you can do

When you support Makuta, you’re not just giving hope. You’re supporting the wellbeing of others and helping to reduce the disproportionately high rate of youth suicide currently being faced within our community.

Community Events

Community driven events provide a significant contribution to our fund raising efforts. We’ve been amazed by the incredible support we have received so far!

Hair Raiser

Kiama Dog Grooming

Kiama Golf Club – Charity Golf Day

Marathon Run – Sarah Mason

Kiss Art Festival – Auction

Zeynep Testoni Ceramics

Sandy Fig Cart

Push ups with a purpose

Our Ongoing Community Projects

The success of community-led volunteer projects is enhanced when the money being raised is going straight back into the same community. This motivation achieves outcomes that benefit the whole community and a collective recognition of the value of giving, volunteering, supporting, helping, sharing and caring.


KHS – Parents of Teens Get Together

Fillmores Firepit “Gatho”

PCYC – Safer Driver Training

PCYC Fit4Life

KHS – TMHFA Training

SSPAN – Blue Card

KHS – Stymie