…it’s what’s behind the mask that matters…

Makuta is a Charity raising funds to support suicide prevention initiatives for school age youth. 

Deeply saddened by the tragic suicides in our local community, a number of us have launched a fund raising charity called “Makuta”. Our objective is to raise funds to support established suicide prevention initiatives for school age youth.

We believe that bringing a community together and allowing them to have a voice and make a difference will ultimately yield better outcomes.

COVID has increased uncertainty, isolation and disconnection. At a time when the community needs to come together to support each other, we are faced to reply on social media to maintain connection and involvement.

The time is NOW to turn our focus on our youth. It is THEIR future that is at stake and it is up to us in our community to do everything we can NOW.  

Our first campaign to kick this off is “makuta masks”. 

The response to this initiative in light of the current COVID situation has been overwhelming, with pre-orders already exceeding our wildest expectations. What’s even more overwhelming is the way our community has come together to donate their time and resources to make these masks for the cause.  

At Makuta we are not experts in this space. We will form an advisory board of experts to help drive established initiatives forward, using our community-raised funds. We are very grateful for the support and endorsement of Maggie Dent (https://www.maggiedent.com), one of Australia’s leading authorities on Youth Wellbeing.

Buy a makuta mask and it’s not just your life you’re protecting…