Zeynep Testoni Ceramics

A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Zeynep Testoni Ceramics These ceramics are just beautifu

Zeynep Testoni Cermaics says

“Each year since opening my business in 2017, I have had a fundraiser, making ceramic pieces to sell and donate 100 percent to a charity. I’ve made ‘raindrops for a farmer’, (Buy a Bale) I’ve made ‘a golden Nipple’ and pink hearts for (Breast Cancer Research). Sadly, this year our local community has been affected by a number of youth suicides. Makuta is an organisation working toward improving the wellbeing of young people in the community. I’ve made 100 yellow ‘You’ve got this’ hearts ($5 each), 1 white heart with the words ‘I am enough’ $10 and 3 small yellow ‘You’ve got this’ ring dishes at $15 each. Send me a message to purchase/pick up from my studio in Gerroa and support local programs for youth..”