Projects we have funded or that are on our “funding review” list

All projects we fund require unanimous approval by our Advisory Board. More projects will be considered as applications are received or funding considerations are presented to the Makuta Advisory Board


ProjectFunding amount $$
Project #1 – Operation Blue Card
The first project we have funded is Operation Blue Card .
Makuta has pledged to fund production of these Blue Cards for 12 months.
More information about this card can be found here: 
Project #2 – Stymie
We are in the process of setting up a Zoom demonstration session with multiple schools in the Kiama LGA to encourage them to implement this online reporting system into their school’s online portals.  We will fund 3 schools for $1800 each for 12 months = $5,400.  Stymie will match our contribution 1:1, so they will fund an additional 3 schools. We will consider additional funding applications for this project depending on funds available.
Project # 3 – Mental Health First Aid Training at Kiama High
Kiama High has asked us to fund a training program for a new teacher taking on the role of Mental Health First Aid. This teacher will then train other teachers and students. The program has been run at Kiama High for some time. However the person who was trained in this has left the school. The amount requested by KHS is $8600. This funding is currently under review with our Advisory Board. 
Current total amount for consideration$16,000